Universal Joint Driving Principle【ELBE】NO.1

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導讀:Universal Joint Driving Principle【ELBE】NO.1

Universal Joint Driving Principle【ELBE】NO.1
In order to satisfy the angle change caused by power transmission, steering and up-and-down runout during vehicle operation, universal joints are commonly used between half axle and wheel axle of driving axle of front drive vehicle. Due to the limitation of the axial dimension, the requirement of large deflection angle and the incompetence of ordinary universal joints, all kinds of constant velocity universal joints are widely used.

In general front-drive vehicles, two constant-speed universal joints are used for each half-axle. The universal joints near the transmission axle are the inner half-axle universal joints and the outer half-axle universal joints near the axle. Among all kinds of constant velocity universal joints, ball cage universal joints are commonly used. It uses six steel balls to transmit force. Under any intersection of the driving shaft and the driven shaft, the steel balls are located at the intersection of the two parks, i.e. on the plane of the intersection of the two axes, so as to ensure the equal angular velocity transmission of the main and driven axles.
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